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Perfect Vision 2020 Seeing More Clearly Now

YouTube Recording

A Program of the Revolutionary Contemplatives of Atlanta

Mental and Spiritual Health in a Time of Election and Pandemic

November 1, 2020

A Conversation with Rev. Ed Bacon and Dr. Lisa Boswell

Encountering Silence-What Howard Thurman Might Say at a Time Such as This

A Conversation with Rev. Ed Bacon about Howard Thurman
Recorded at St. Lukes’s Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA
January 5, 2020

Lerita Coleman Brown and the Inner Authority of Howard Thurman on the Encountering Silence Podcasts

Lerita Coleman Brown

Contemplate This! A Conversation with Lerita Coleman Brown, PhD and Thomas J. Bushlack, PhD

Photos of Lerita Coleman Brown, courtesy of Columbus H. Brown, Candid Imagery Fine Art